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Embrace is a new innovative fabric SEG pop up system with it's unique design offering a sleek, collapsible display that delivers style & substance with minimal effort. Purpose made SEG textile graphics hug the frame to create a crisp, clean back wall, whether you are using a stand-alone frame or take advantage of the systems flexibility by joining multiple frames together to create a straight wall or a seamless 90 degree corner. The embrace is the connoisseurs choice for elegant back walls ideal for photography shoots, exhibition back drops or any retail solution.


• Sharp, crisp, seamless look

• Mount lights on the nodes

• Colour coded nodes denotes front and rear of the structure for easy construction

• Tool free - components slide and click into place

• Linkable

Embrace SEG Pop-Up Frame



Choose from available hardware variants


A Graphics order is required with this quantity of hardware





EMB-1x3-S:  2255mm (H) x  790mm (W) x 338mm (D)* 

EMB-2x3-S:  2255mm (H) x 1523mm (W) x 338mm (D)*
EMB-3x3-S:  2255mm (H) x 2239mm (W) x 338mm (D) *

EMB-4x3-S:  2255mm (H) x 2972mm (W) x 338mm (D)*

*Depth with Feet: 735mm


EMB-1x3-S: 10.0kg

EMB-2x3-S: 12.4kg

EMB-3x3-S: 14.2kg

EMB-4x3-S: 15.1kg

*Please test your substrate suitability before use


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