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Formulate Serpentine Slope Graphic



Undulating fabric curves, the Formulate Serpentine slope creates a stunning back wall or dividing wall designed to display eye-catching fabric graphics.


  • Tool free assembly
  • Easy fit graphic with zip fastening


Formulate Serpentine Slope Graphic



Choose from available hardware variants

Choose from available graphic variants


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Hardware Dims: (h) x (w) x (d)


FMLT-SSS-OS01 - Formulate Serpentine Slope 3.0m - 2280-1830 x 3048 x 444mm


FMLT-SSS-OS02 - Formulate Serpentine Slope 6.1M - 2280-1830 x 6096 x 830mm

*Please test your substrate suitability before use


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