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Impact Straight Pop-up Bundle




Impact Basics Pop-up Straight bundle with frame, case and lights has everything you need for a quick and easy display solution at a great price too!

  • 3 x 1, 3 x 2, 3 x 3, 3 x 4 or 3x5 straight frames, supplied with mag bars, hangers and kickers, and one roll of magnetic tape
  • Kit also includes a Zenith case and hinged thermoformed tabletop in beech, as well as PS950-1000 LED lights
  • Self-locating ‘smart’ magnetic locking arms
  • Graphic height 2225mm approx.
  • Zenith case suitable for carrying both frame sizes and one set of graphics 


Impact Straight Pop-up Bundle



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3x3 - 25kg

3x4 - 32.87kg

*Please test your substrate suitability before use


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