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Adjustable height premium roller banner in a variety of sizes up to three meters.Can be made in black or to custom sizes at an additional cost. Also features a linear channel which accepts a variety of optional extra accessories for a multi-functional display.

  • Patented universal rail with secure end caps
  • Hybrid Telescopic pole
  • Slider leader
  • Black plastic end caps
  • Silver or black body
  • Two adjustable stabilising feet
  • Available in Grand Format




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Assembled Size approx. (mm)

600mm: 1590/2230 (h) x 640 (w) x 195 (d)

800mm: 1590/2230 (h) x 840 (w) x 195 (d)

1000mm: 1590/2230 (h) x 1040 (w) x 195 (d)

1200mm: 1590/2230 (h) x 1240 (w) x 195 (d)

1500mm: 1590/2230 (h) x 1540 (w) x 195 (d)

2000mm: 1590/2230 (h) x 2040 (w) x 195 (d)

2400mm: 1590/2230 (h) x 2440 (w) x 195 (d)

3000mm: 1590/2230 (h) x 3040 (w) x 195 (d)


Boxed Size (mm)

600mm: 910 (h) x 140 (w) x 230 (d)

800mm: 930 (h) x 130 (w) x 220 (d)

1000mm: 1120 (h) x 130 (w) x 240 (d)

1200mm: 1320 (h) x 130 (w) x 240 (d)

1500mm: 1620 (h) x 130 (w) x 240 (d)

2000mm: 2100 (h) x 130 (w) x 240 (d)

2400mm: 2085 (h) x 130 (w) x 280 (d)

3000mm: 3100 (h) x 130 (w) x 230 (d)


Boxed Weight (kg)

600mm: 3.98kg

800mm: 4.4kg

1000mm: 5.3kg

1200mm: 6.5kg

1500mm: 7.7kg

2000mm: 10kg

2400mm: 12.2kg

3000mm: 14.7kg


Max assembled height: 1590mm

Min assembled height: 2230mm


Max visible graphic height: 2145mm

Min visible graphic height:1525mm

*Please test your substrate suitability before use


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