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Vector Slim Circular



Sleek, lightweight eye-catching shape with vibrant changeable single-sided SEG tension fabric graphics.  Perfect for reception areas, exhibitions, restaurants and retail areas for a display with a difference! Vector Slim Circulars come in three standard sizes as well as the option to create your own custom size display.

Vector Slim Circular



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Choose from available graphic variants


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Material : Aluminium

Profile depth : 20mm

Profile colour : Silver

Assembly : Screw-in connector

Graphic attachment : SEG 3mm

Graphic area : Single-sided

Mounting : Wall


Ø 400 mm - VWFC-400 - 400 (Ø) mm

Ø 700 mm - VWFC-700 - 700 (Ø) mm

Ø 1000 mm - VWFC-1000 - 1000 (Ø) mm

Custom size - VWFC-CUSTOM - Custom

*Please test your substrate suitability before use


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