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Blizzard - code UB701


Blizzard outdoor banner stand is ideal for all kinds of corporate and sporting and outdoor events and promotions and point of sale. Its simple design makes it very easy to assemble on-site, and because it’s adjustable, it can accommodate different graphic sizes to suit your application.Variable width from 600 - 800mm

Blizzard - UB701

Whirlwind - code UB207


A heavy-duty outdoor swing sign that is ideal for pavement advertising and retail promotions. Supports A1, A0, B1 and B2 sized posters.

Whirlwind-A1 Base Only - UB207-B

Whirlwind-A1 Frame Only - UB207-F

Whirlwind-A0 Base Only - UB207-A0-B

Whirlwind-A0 Frame Only - UB207-A0-F

Whirlwind-B1 Base Only - UB207-B1-B

Whirlwind-B1 Frame Only - UB207-B1-F

Whirlwind-B2 Base Only - UB207-B2-B

Whirlwind-B2 Frame Only - UB207-B2-F

A Sign Board - code VF204

A Sign Board

Double-sided snap frame suitable for A1 and A2 size posters

A Sign A1 - VF204-C

A Sign A2 - VF204-A2

Monsoon - code UB707-C


A large format double-sided outdoor ‘A’ frame banner, made from lightweight aluminium, ideal for use with PVC eyelet banners. Variable width from 2000mm upwards

Monsoon 2500mm - UB707-C

Monsoon 3000mm - UB711-C

Horizon - code UB203


The biggest graphic carrier in the range with a graphic area of up to 4.8m2 per side. The ideal promotional solution for outdoor events, advertisements and exhibitions. Variable width up to 2500mm

Horizon - UB203

Tornado - code PK410


Tornado is a versatile, weatherproof, brandable promotions counter with optional header for higher visibility. Base supports 1040mm (h) x 850mm (w) graphic

Tornado - PK410

Mistral Flag - code UB725-01

Mistral Flag

Perfect for promoting events outside, flags can be wall, pole or lamp post mounted and are made from weatherproof materials. Brackets can be moved for adjustable graphic height Made from weatherproof aluminium castings and GRP tubes Tested to a beaufort scale 7 using flag knit fabric Suitable for fabric or vinyl graphics

Mistral Flag - UB725-01

Wind Dancer 5m Flag - code WD105

Wind Dancer 5m Flag

Telescopic flag, ideal for making an impact at outdoor events. Base can be filled with water or sand for optimum stability. Optional extra bags available for ease of transporting or storage.

Wind Dancer 5m Base - WD105B

Wind Dancer 5m Pole - WD105P

Shimmer Flag - code WD102

Shimmer Flag

Economical telescopic flag with black water-fillable base included. Adjustable height up to 3m. Transport bags optional.

Shimmer Base - WD102B-01

Shimmer Pole - WD102P-01

Economy Cafe Barrier-Post - code UB214P

Economy Cafe Barrier-Post

Economy Cafe Barrier is a cost effective way of defining areas outside restaurants, bars and shopping centres

Economy Cafe Barrier-Post - UB214P

Economy Cafe Barrier-Graphic Rail - code UB214

Economy Cafe Barrier-Graphic Rail

Economy Cafe Barrier is a cost effective way of defining areas outside restaurants, bars and shopping centre

Economy cafe Barrier 1000mm graphic rail - UB214-1000

Economy cafe Barrier 1500mm graphic rail - UB214-1500

Economy cafe Barrier 2000mm graphic rail - UB214-2000

Economy Cafe Barrier-Base - code UB214B

Economy Cafe Barrier-Base

Economy Cafe Barrier is a cost effective way of defining areas outside restaurants, bars and shopping centre.

Economy Cafe Barrier-Base - UB214B

Economy Cafe Barrier-Spring Clip - code UB214-SC

Economy Cafe Barrier-Spring Clip

Economy Cafe Barrier is a cost effective way of defining areas outside restaurants, bars and shopping centre

Economy Cafe Barrier-Spring Clip - UB214-SC

Deluxe Cafe Barrier Post - code UB215P

Deluxe Cafe Barrier Post

A Modular Portable pavement and café barrier system, Ideal for defining areas outside restaurants, bars and shopping centres

Deluxe Cafe Barrier Post - UB215P

Deluxe Cafe Barrier Graphic Rail - code UB215

Deluxe Cafe Barrier Graphic Rail

A Modular Portable pavement and café barrier system, Ideal for defining areas outside restaurants, bars and shopping centres

Deluxe Cafe Barrier Graphic Rail 1000mm - UB215-1000

Deluxe Cafe Barrier Graphic Rail 1500mm - UB215-1500

Deluxe Cafe Barrier Graphic Rail 2000mm - UB215-2000

Deluxe Cafe Barrier/Leader plus Base - code UB215B

Deluxe Cafe Barrier/Leader plus Base

A Modular Portable pavement and café barrier system, Ideal for defining areas outside restaurants, bars and shopping centres

Deluxe Cafe Barrier/Leader plus Base - UB215B

Stowaway - code UB736


Stowaway is a great flexible display product that will make your message stand out from the crowd at any event either in-doors or out. Extremely portable and lightweight the design is based around sprung fibre-glass poles that require no assembly and pack away into a small carry bag.

Stowaway 2000 x 1000 UB736-01

Stowaway 1400 x 700 UB736-03

Element Graphic - code G-RB

Element Graphic

Exclusive to Ultima Displays, the Element is the second in a series of new banners from the exclusive Vision range.  This new retractable banner has been designed to effectively carry any brand message whilst turning heads.  

Element 800mm Wide - UB146-800

Element 850mm Wide - UB146-850

Element 1000mm Wide - UB146-1000

Symbol - code IP01


Symbol is a self-standing premium outdoor sign which has been ergonomically designed to ensure the signage is positioned at an optimum viewing angle. Made from steel with a black powered coated finish, it has a solid base plate which makes the unit sturdy and suitable for high traffic areas.


Thunder 2 - code UB185-850-01

Thunder 2

The only double-sided retractable outdoor banner. The Thunder 2 is the ideal roller banner for outdoor use being strong and durable yet very easy to assemble and transport. At 2m high Thunder 2 will display your message on both sides for maximum viewing impact. 

Thunder 2 850 Wide - UB185-850

Basic Cafe Barrier or Leader Base - code SP-913

Basic Cafe Barrier or Leader Base

Basics Café Barrier/Leader Base: 350mm dia base in a choice of black or silver.

Basic Cafe Barrier/Leader Base Black - SP-913B

Basic Cafe Barrier/Leader Base Silver - SP-913S

Basic Cafe Barrier Post - code SP-911

Basic Cafe Barrier Post

Basics Café Barrier is a lite version of the Deluxe Café Barrier system with posts and rails available in black or silver

Basic Cafe Barrier Post Silver - SP-911S

Basic Cafe Barrier Post Black - SP-911B

Zoom Tent - code ZT33-XAF/ZT36-XAF/ZT345-XAF/ZT22-XAF

Zoom Tent

There’s plenty of room to shelter from the sun or rain underneath the 3x3 Zoom Tent.  Made from lightweight aluminium, the Zoom tent is very easy to assemble and packs back down into a strong and sturdy wheeled bag.

Zoom Tent 3x3 frame only - ZT33-XAF

Zoom Tent 3x6 frame only - ZT36-XAF

Zoom Tent 3x4.5 frame only - ZT345-XAF

Zoom Tent 2x2 frame only - ZT22-XAF

Shield - code UB108/


Functional rigid sign board ideal for use outside shops, restaurants or bars - can be used indoor or outdoor.

Shield Curve - UB108

Zoom+ Edge Flag - code UF-ZME

Zoom+ Edge Flag

Popular versatile lightweight flexible flag system with black finish all fibre poles. Idea for all types of indoor and outdoor displays.

Zoom+ Edge 2m - UF-ZME-SM

Zoom+ Edge Edge 3m - UF-ZME-ME

Zoom+ Edge 4m - UF-ZME-LA

Zoom+ Edge 5m - UF-ZME-EXLA

Exhibition Table Cloth - code G-TAB-3X2-DP

Exhibition Table Cloth

Stand out from your competitors and finish your exhibition display table with a printed table cloth.  Add your logo or artwork to your table cloth in any design using single or multiple colours with a choice of any colour back ground.

Exhibition Table Cloth G-TAB-3X2-DP

Formulate Lite Quill Flag - code UF-FLQ-L/XL

Formulate Lite Quill Flag

The Formulate Lite Quill flags create a simple yet stunning outdoor product. Built on the popular Formulate scaffold platform, the quill frame simply connects one numbered 25mm aluminium tube to another for fast assembly then the fabric graphic is threaded directly onto the pole and secured with a toggle.

Formulate Lite Quill Flag Large - UF-FLQ-L

Formulate Lite Quill Flag Extra Large - UF-FLQ-XL

Zoom Tent Weight - code ZT-BASE

Zoom Tent Weight

Simple, understated but very effective, this simple weight easily slides over the foot of the tent.

Zoom Tent Weight - ZT-BASE

Zoom Cross Bases - code UF-ZMLCB

Zoom Cross Bases

Small and Large Cross Bases for use with the Zoom flag range

Zoom Large Cross Base - UF-ZMLCB-01

Zoom Ground Spike - code UF-ZMGS-01

Zoom Ground Spike

The Ground Spike is perfect for driving into compact terrains, ideal for festival fields and outdoor events. Since it is driven into the ground, the immediate perimeters are clear of trip hazards or visually obstructive Weighting Rings. Ground Spikes are suitable for all of the zoom lite flag sizes, 2.8, 3.4, 4.5 & 5.6m high.

Zoom Ground Spike - UF-ZMGS-01

Zoom Plastic Ground Stake - code UF-ZMPSS-01

Zoom Plastic Ground Stake

Zoom Plastic Screw Stake for use with the Zoom Lite flag range

Zoom Plastic Screw Stake - UF-ZMPSS-01

Zoom Square Base - code UF-ZMLSQ-01

Zoom Square Base

The Small Square Base is for indoor use only and should only be used on flat, level surfaces such as laminate or lino flooring. The Large Square Base can be used both indoors and outdoors and is compatible with all flag heights. The base must be used on flat and level ground.

Zoom Small Square Base - UF-ZMLSQ-01

Zoom Drive on Car Foot - code UF-ZMCFS-01

Zoom Drive on Car Foot

The Drive on Car Foot is ideal for use on car showroom forecourts, sales fairs and festivals. Drive your vehicle onto the foot ensuring it is on firm and level ground and add your flag. With the weight of your vehicle, this flag base is suitable for use both indoors and out and can accept all flag heights.

Zoom Drive on Foot - UF-ZMCFS-01

Ground Pegs - code FX620

Ground Pegs

The Ground Peg is an optional extra in securing products such as the Inflatable Column into soft ground - adding further support for the base against the elements.

Ground Peg - FX620

Bora Inflatable Tent Wall - code UI00816-B

Bora Inflatable Tent Wall

The Bora Inflatable Tent Wall comes in three varieties (Blue, Light Grey and Dark Grey).

Bora Inflatable Tent Wall - Blue - UI00816-B

Bora Inflatable Tent Wall - Light Grey - UI00816-LG

Bora Inflatable Tent Wall - Dark Grey - UI00816-DG

Zoom Tent Flag Clamp - code ZT-FCA

Zoom Tent Flag Clamp

The Zoom Tent Flag Clamp allows tents to stand out from the crowd, by providing a focal point high above the tent canopy.

Zoom Tent Flag Clamp - ZT-FCA

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