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Acrylic Poster Holder - code AH

Acrylic Poster Holder

Acrylic Poster Holders – for use with Strata or Linear Systems

Acrylic Poster Holder A1 Landscape - AH411L

Acrylic Poster Holder A1 Portrait - AH411P

Acrylic Poster Holder A2 Landscape - AH412L

Acrylic Poster Holder A2 Portrait - AH412P

Acrylic Poster Holder A3 Landscape - AH413L

Acrylic Poster Holder A3 Portrait - AH413P

Acrylic Poster Holder A4 Landscape - AH414L

Acrylic Poster Holder A4 Portrait - AH414P

Acrylic Poster Holder A5 Landscape - AH415L

Acrylic Poster Holder A5 Portrait - AH415P

Strata Shelf Support Fixing - code PO111

Strata Shelf Support Fixing

PO111, Strata Shelf Support Fixing – for use with Strata Cable kits

Strata Shelf Support Fixing - for use with Strata Cable kits - PO111

Strata Adjustable Rail Fixing Cable - code PO

Strata Adjustable Rail Fixing Cable

Strata Adjustable Rail Fixing Cable - for use with Strata Cable kits

Adjust Cable - PO109

Strata Floor to Ceiling Fixing Cable - code PO110

Strata Floor to Ceiling Fixing Cable

Strata Floor to Ceiling Fixing Cable - for use with Strata Cable kits

Strata Floor to Ceiling Fixing Cable - PO110

Panel Support Fixing single-sided - code PO

Panel Support Fixing single-sided

Use with Strata Cable Displays System to support graphic panels and Acrylic Poster Holders.

Panel Support 7mm - PO112

Panel Support 4mm - PO113

Panel Support Fixing double-sided - code PO

Panel Support Fixing double-sided

Use with Strata Cable Displays System to support graphic panels and Acrylic Poster Holders.

Panel Support Fixing 7mm double-sided - PO121

Panel Support Fixing 4mm double-sided 2.5mm - PO122

Compact Variable Cable Fixing - code PO

Compact Variable Cable Fixing

Strata variable angle cable fixing – for use with Strata Cable kits

Compact Variable Fixing (Rail Fixing) - PO107

Compact Variable Fixing (Screw Fixing) - PO108

Compact Variable Wall Plate - code PO106

Compact Variable Wall Plate

Strata variable angle cable fixing – for use with Strata Cable kits

Compact Variable Wall Plate - PO106

Panel Support Fixing Multi-angle - code PO

Panel Support Fixing Multi-angle

Use with Strata Cable Displays System to support graphic panels and Acrylic Poster Holders.

Multi-angle Fixing (Rail Fixing) - PO114-R

Multi-angle Fixing (Screw Fixing) - PO114-S

Aluminium Rail screw-fixing - code PR102

Aluminium Rail screw-fixing

Use with Strata Cable Displays System – aluminium rail with a channel compatible with Strata rail cable fixings.

Aluminium Rail Screw-Fixing - PR102

Edge Stand-offs Rotating - code PO

Edge Stand-offs Rotating

Ideal for a variety of for signage or shelf mount applications on displays and portable furniture.

Edge Stand off 16mm Aperture Rail Fixing - PO119-R

Edge Stand off 16mm Aperture Screw Fixing - PO119-S

Edge Stand off 25mm Aperture Rail Fixing - PO120-R

Edge Stand off 25mm Aperture Screw Fixing - PO120-S

Insert for Rail Fixing - code PO115

Insert for Rail Fixing

Screw into strata cable and stand-off fixings to make them compatible with the Strata aluminium rail fixing.

Insert for Rail Fixing - PO115

Stand-Offs - code PO


Ideal for a variety of for signage or shelf mount applications on displays and portable furniture.

Stand Off 80mm x 25mm Dia rail Fixing - PO101

Stand Off 80mm x 25mm Dia Screw Fixing - PO102

Stand Off 15mm x 16mm Dia Screw Fixing - PO105

Stand Off 25mm x 25mm Dia Screw Fixing - PO117

Stand Off 25mm x 25mm Dia Rail Fixing - PO118

Cable and Banner Poster Rail - code PO

Cable and Banner Poster Rail

Use with Strata Cable Displays System to create suspended graphic and poster displays.

Cable and Banner Poster Rail KIt 600mm wide - PO206-K

Cable and Banner Poster Rail KIt 1000mm wide - PO210-K

600mm wide poles only (1pair) - PO206-R

1000mm wide poles only (1pair)

Delta Lite - code UB205-850-004

Delta Lite

Elegant aluminium banner with chrome finished end covers that combines great design with stability whilst remaining lightweight.

Delta Lite 850mm Wide - UB205-850-004

Element Graphic - code G-RB

Element Graphic

Exclusive to Ultima Displays, the Element is the second in a series of new banners from the exclusive Vision range.  This new retractable banner has been designed to effectively carry any brand message whilst turning heads.  

Element 800mm Wide - UB146-800

Element 850mm Wide - UB146-850

Element 1000mm Wide - UB146-1000

Impact Hop-up - code HUI3X2

Impact Hop-up

A lightweight hop-up system that’s very quick and easy to set up offering a superb back drop to your display. Fabric fits smoothly across the frame work and stays in place once frame has been collapsed.

Impact Hop-up 3x1 - HUI3X1

Impact Hop-up 3x2 - HUI3X2

Impact Hop-up 3x3 - HUI3X3

Impact Hop-up 3x4 - HUI3X4

Impact Hop-up 3x5 - HUI3X5

Freestanding iPad Holder - code IPS-001-B

Freestanding iPad Holder

The Freestanding iPad holder is a smart sleek free standing iPad holder for use with either iPad 2 , 3, 4, Air and Air 2. The secure housing comes supplied with security screws and Allen key, and can be positioned portrait or landscape.

Freestanding iPad Holder Black - IPS-001-B

Freestanding iPad Holder White - IPS-001-W

Freestanding iPad Holder Silver - IPS-001-S

Merlin - code UB160


Interchangeable cassette with telescopic pole allows you to change graphics easily and quickly. Ability to store the old graphic in the cassette and re-use it later.

Merlin 850mm Wide - UB160-850-01

Counta - code PC607


Counta is an extremely cost-effective brandable demonstrator unit. Base supports 2120mm (h) x 820mm (w) graphic

Counta - PC607

Basic Curved Counter - code PK922/PK922-BLK

Basic Curved Counter

Stylish and functional counter – ideal for use on exhibitions stands and road shows.

Basic Curved Counter Beech Top - PK922

Basic Curved Counter Black Top - PK922-BLK

Prism - code UB123


Strong and stylish oval shaped full graphic banner with self-adhesive rail and tensioner.

Prism 800mm - UB123-800-01

Exhibition Table Cloth - code G-TAB-3X2-DP

Exhibition Table Cloth

Stand out from your competitors and finish your exhibition display table with a printed table cloth.  Add your logo or artwork to your table cloth in any design using single or multiple colours with a choice of any colour back ground.

Exhibition Table Cloth G-TAB-3X2-DP

Liberty Mini - code UB122-400

Liberty Mini

Full graphic, compact, versatile and lightweight desktop roller banner. Height extendable from 1200mm to 1600mm when using the extension pole (not included). 

Liberty Mini 400mm - UB122-400

Acrylic Literature Holder - code AH311/AH316/AH317

Acrylic Literature Holder

Transparent acrylic literature holders are cleverly designed for both wall mounting and free-standing.

Acrylic Literature Holder DL - AH311

Acrylic Literature Holder A5 - AH316

Acrylic Literature Holder A4 - AH317

Formulate Universal Clamp - code FMLT158 / FMLT158-32

Formulate Universal Clamp

The Formulate Universal Accessory Clamp enhances your existing Formulate  display enabling additional accessories to be mounted without cutting or altering the existing fabric graphic.

Formulate Universal Clamp 30mm dia - FMLT158

Formulate Universal Clamp 32mm dia - FMLT158-32

Linear Universal Clamp - code LN158

Linear Universal Clamp

The Universal Accessory Linear Bracket simply locks into a linear channel to provide a stable anchor with which to attach the Universal Accessories allowing for a literature, shelf or tablet bracket to be added.

Linear Universal Clamp - LN158

Literature Universal Bracket - code FX839

Literature Universal Bracket

The Literature Holder Bracket is a secure conduit with which an Injection Moulded Literature Holder can be mounted to a Universal Accessory Clamp. The literature holder simply slides over the bracket and accepts all three sizes, DL, A4 and A5. The bracket can be adjusted so that when it is mounted horizontally it can lean forward or back, yet when it is mounted vertically, the bracket can pivot left or right.

Literature Universal Bracket - FX839

Shelf Universal Bracket - code FX838

Shelf Universal Bracket

The Universal Accessory Shelf Bracket provides the option of adding a small MDF shelf to a Formulate, Linear or Aero stand.

Shelf Universal Accessory - FX838

Quick Plus Curved Kit - code WH221-C-CA/WH221-S-CA

Quick Plus Curved Kit

 The Quick+ Curved has been innovated to be the best pop up yet and is packed with detailed designed features to ensure that the product is quick and easy to put up and the graphics even easier to hang.

Quick Plus Curved 3x2 - WH222-C-CA 

Quick Plus Curved 3x3 - WH223-C-CA

Quick Plus Curved 3x4 - WH224-C-CA

Quick Plus Curved 3x5 - WH225-C-CA

Quick Plus Curved Bundle - code 99-XX-017Q/102Q

Quick Plus Curved Bundle

The Quick+ Bundle is a fantastic package in top-class Pop-up stands. The bundle is comprised of the unique Zenith case, also included is the bright 150w PS950-1000 and the innovative Quick Plus.

3X2 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-016Q

3X3 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-017Q

3X4 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-020Q

3X5 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-021Q

Barracuda - code WH321C


A very popular, strong and stylish design, proven as a reliable banner for regular use. Ideal for simple displays or exhibitions.

Barracuda 800mm - WH321C-800A3

Barracuda 1000mm - WH321C-1000A3

Barracuda 1200mm - WH321C-1200A3

Barracuda 1500mm - WH321C-1500A3

Barracuda 2000mm - WH321C-2000A3

Barracuda 2400mm - WH321C-2400A3

Injection Moulded Literature Holders - code AH5DLP/AH5A5P/AH5A4P

Injection Moulded Literature Holders

The Injection Moulded Literature Holder is ideal for making the most out of an existing stand. The gently curving profile and smoky light grey plastic has real aesthetics.

Injection Moulded Literature Holder A4 - AH5A4P

Injection Moulded Literature Holder A5 - AH5A5P

Injection Moulded Literature Holder DL - AH5DLP

Excaliber 2 - code WH311C-800A3/2400A3

Excaliber 2

Great premium double-sided banner which can be accessorised using it's linear channel with iPad holders, shelving and leaflet holders.

Excaliber 2 800mm - WH311C-800A3

Excaliber 2 1000mm - WH311C-1000A3

Excaliber 2 1200mm - WH311C-1200A3

Excaliber 2 1500mm - WH311C-1500A3

Excaliber 2 2000mm - WH311C-2000A3

Excaliber 2 2400mm - WH311C-2400A3

Original+ - code UB322


Adjustable height premium roller banner in a variety of sizes up to three meters.Can be made in black or to custom sizes at an additional cost.

Original+ 850mm - UB322-850C1

Original+ 1200mm - UB322-1200C1

Original+ 3000mm - UB322-3000C1

Aero+ - code UB222


Modular cassette roller banner system, adjustable in height, width and re-positionable at different angles. Multiple configurations possible with additional banners.

Aero+ 1000mm Cassette - UB222-1000

Aero+ Post and Base - UB222-P

Aero+ Base Only - UB222-B

Aero+ Universal Accessory Clamp - code UB222-01

Aero+ Universal Accessory Clamp

The Aero+ Universal Clamp allows you to quickly add the Universal Accessories to the Aero+ modular banner system.

Aero+ Universal Accessory Clamp - UB222-01

Quantum Double-Sided - code AS316-01

Quantum Double-Sided

The new Injection moulded literature holder combines classic design with a stylish new look. Lightweight and portable, this elegant design looks great but is also designed to withstand the demands of everyday use.

Quantum Double-Sided - AS316-01

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