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Xanadu - code WH431


Xanadu fabric literature holder from the Basics economy range.

Xanadu 4 Pocket - WH431

Impact Curved Pop-up Bundle - code 99-XX-071

Impact Curved Pop-up Bundle

Impact Basics Pop-up Curved bundle with frame, case and lights has everything you need for a quick and easy display solution at a great price too!

Impact Bundle 3x2 Curved Bundle - 99-XX-110

Impact Bundle 3x3 Curved Bundle - 99-XX-071

Impact Bundle 3x4 Curved Bundle - 99-XX-070

Impact Bundle 3x5 Curved Bundle - 99-XX-111

Trappa Frame - code AT

Trappa Frame

A very easy to use ‘snap-action’ aluminium poster frame.

Trappa frame A0 - AT405-C

Trappa frame A1 - AT404-C

Trappa frame A2 - AT403-C

Trappa frame A3 - AT402-C

Trappa frame A4 - AT401-C

Eclipse - code PK152


Eclipse is part of the Physique Freestyle flat-pack counter range and is ideal as a greeting counter, workstation or product display unit.

OUT OF STOCK Eclipse Freestyle - PK152

Eclipse Graphic - PT152

Double D - code PK161/PT161/PK186

Double D

This popular and versatile counter is part of the Physique Graphic flat-pack counter range.

OUT OF STOCK Double D Full Wrap - PK161

OUT OF STOCK Double D Knee Whole Full Wrap - PK186

Double D Graphic - PT161

Grasshopper - code UB191


Popular lightweight economy banner with self-adhesive rail. Comes in five widths up to 1.5 meters.

Grasshopper 800mm Wide - UB191

Grasshopper 850mm wide - UB193

Mosquito - code UB196 / UB197


One of the most popular banners in its range with snap rail for quick and easy graphic assembly. Lightweight and easy to transport.

Mosquito 800mm wide - UB197

Mosquito 850mm wide - UB196

Mosquito 1000mm wide - UB197-1000

Mosquito 1200mm wide - UB197-1200

Mosquito 1500mm wide - UB197-1500

Mosquito 2000mm wide - UB197-2000

Delta Lite - code UB205

Delta Lite

Elegant aluminium banner with chrome finished end covers that combines great design with stability whilst remaining lightweight.

Delta Lite 800mm Wide - UB205-800-004

Delta Lite 850mm Wide - UB205-850-004

Pegasus 3m Graphic - code G-PEG

Pegasus 3m Graphic

The 3m Pegasus, the latest addition to the Pegasus family, is now the largest tension banner within the range covering a 3m width.

Pegasus 3m - UB167-S

Element Graphic - code G-RB

Element Graphic

Exclusive to Ultima Displays, the Element is the second in a series of new banners from the exclusive Vision range.  This new retractable banner has been designed to effectively carry any brand message whilst turning heads.  

Element 800mm Wide - UB146-800

Element 850mm Wide - UB146-850

Element 1000mm Wide - UB146-1000

Pegasus 3m Extension Kit - code UB167S-01

Pegasus 3m Extension Kit

The 3m Pegasus Extension Kit is the newest addition to the Pegasus family. The extension kit allows the connection of up to four Pegasus 3m backwalls, to create a configurable, impressive backwall solution.

UB167S-01 Pegasus 3m Extension Kit

Pioneer - code UB147


The most economical mid-range roller banner on the market. Moulded polymers provide a glossy white finish and modern high-end finished look.

Pioneer 800mm - UB147-800

Pioneer 850mm - UB147-850

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod - code MR9102T

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod

Reflecta graphic pod is a freestanding double sided graphic pod. Elegant looks and ease of assembly make it ideal for retail or display applications.  

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod - MR102T

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod - MR101T

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod - MR104T

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod - MR103T

Gear Edge 7 Panel Kit - code GEP7-96

Gear Edge 7 Panel Kit

Gear Edge 7 panel folding kits are strong, robust  and easy to transport, even with graphics in-situ. The durable aluminium gear edge frame system is suitable for permanent displays. Graphic Panels can be printed on both sides, or you can choose a nylon fabric option in a choice of colours.

Gear Edge 7 Panel Kit Fabric Covered - GEP7-96FC

Gear Edge 7 Panel Kit Frame Only - GEP7-96FO

Impact Hop-up - code HUI3X2

Impact Hop-up

A lightweight hop-up system that’s very quick and easy to set up offering a superb back drop to your display. Fabric fits smoothly across the frame work and stays in place once frame has been collapsed.

Impact Hop-up 3x1 - HUI3X1

Impact Hop-up 3x2 - HUI3X2

Impact Hop-up 3x3 - HUI3X3

Impact Hop-up 3x4 - HUI3X4

Impact Hop-up 3x5 - HUI3X5

Freestanding iPad Holder - code IPS-001-B

Freestanding iPad Holder

The Freestanding iPad holder is a smart sleek free standing iPad holder for use with either iPad 2 , 3, 4, Air and Air 2. The secure housing comes supplied with security screws and Allen key, and can be positioned portrait or landscape.

Freestanding iPad Holder Black - IPS-001-B

Freestanding iPad Holder White - IPS-001-W

Freestanding iPad Holder Silver - IPS-001-S

Merlin - code UB160


Interchangeable cassette with telescopic pole allows you to change graphics easily and quickly. Ability to store the old graphic in the cassette and re-use it later.

Merlin 850mm Wide - UB160-850-01

Liberty - code UB122


Strong and stylish full graphic banner with oval shaped end covers for a unique look.

Liberty 800mm - UB122-800-01

Liberty 850mm - UB122-850-01

Prism - code UB123


Strong and stylish oval shaped full graphic banner with self-adhesive rail and tensioner.

Prism 800mm - UB123-800-01

Prism 850mm - UB123-850-01

Exhibition Table Cloth - code G-TAB-3X2-DP

Exhibition Table Cloth

Stand out from your competitors and finish your exhibition display table with a printed table cloth.  Add your logo or artwork to your table cloth in any design using single or multiple colours with a choice of any colour back ground.

Exhibition Table Cloth G-TAB-3X2-DP

Physique Flag Kit - code PKF001

Physique Flag Kit

Physique Flag Kit - Add hight and interest to your counter with a branded flag.

Physique Flag Kit Pole - PKF001

Counter Flag Mount - PKF002

Quick Plus Curved Kit - code WH221-C-CA/WH221-S-CA

Quick Plus Curved Kit

 The Quick+ Curved has been innovated to be the best pop up yet and is packed with detailed designed features to ensure that the product is quick and easy to put up and the graphics even easier to hang.

Quick Plus Curved 3x2 - WH222-C-CA 

Quick Plus Curved 3x3 - WH223-C-CA

Quick Plus Curved 3x4 - WH224-C-CA

Quick Plus Curved 3x5 - WH225-C-CA

Quick Plus Curved Bundle - code 99-XX-017Q/102Q

Quick Plus Curved Bundle

The Quick+ Bundle is a fantastic package in top-class Pop-up stands. The bundle is comprised of the unique Zenith case, also included is the bright 150w PS950-1000 and the innovative Quick Plus.

3X2 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-016Q

3X3 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-017Q

3X4 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-020Q

3X5 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-021Q

Barracuda - code WH321C


A very popular, strong and stylish design, proven as a reliable banner for regular use. Ideal for simple displays or exhibitions.

Barracuda 800mm - WH321C-800A3

Barracuda 1000mm - WH321C-1000A3

Barracuda 1200mm - WH321C-1200A3

Barracuda 1500mm - WH321C-1500A3

Barracuda 2000mm - WH321C-2000A3

Barracuda 2400mm - WH321C-2400A3

Imagine+ - code UB502C-850-01/1000-01


Imagine+ Cassette Roller Banner is the perfect use every day banner. Swapping the graphic cartridge is really fast and easy, simply remove and insert the cartridge through the base and pull up the banner.

Imagine+ 850 mm - UB502C-850-01

Imagine+ 1000 mm - UB502C-1000-01

Original+ - code UB322


Adjustable height premium roller banner in a variety of sizes up to three meters.Can be made in black or to custom sizes at an additional cost.

Original+ 800mm - UB322-800C1

Original+ 850mm - UB322-850C1

Original+ 1000mm - UB322-1000C1

Original+ 1200mm - UB322-1200C1

Original+ 1500mm - UB322-1500C1

Original+ 2000mm - UB322-2000C1

Original+ 2400mm - UB322-2400C1

Original+ 3000mm - UB322-3000C1

Solo - code UB114-800/850/1000


The Solo banner is a compact roller banner oozing with style. Attractive chrome end caps encase the sleek aluminium case. You can be confident this banner will be stable with its single twist out foot and stabilising feet at either end.

Solo 800mm - UB114-800

Solo 850mm - UB11-850

Solo 1000mm - UB114-1000

Evolution Quick Pop-ups Straight - code WH223-S

Evolution Quick Pop-ups Straight

This popular mid-range pop-up has self-locating ‘smart’ magnetic locking arms and mag bars and adjustable clip-on graphic hanger fittings.

Quick 3x1 Straight - WH221-S-C

Quick 3x2 Straight - WH222-S-C

Quick 3x3 Straight - WH223-S-C

Quick 3x4 Straight - WH224-S-C

Quick 3x5 Straight - WH225-S-C

Impact Straight Pop-up Bundle - code 99-XX-**

Impact Straight Pop-up Bundle

Impact Basics Pop-up Straight bundle with frame, case and lights has everything you need for a quick and easy display solution at a great price too!

Impact Bundle 3x1 Straight Bundle - 99-XX-105

Impact Bundle 3x2 Straight Bundle - 99-XX-106

Impact Bundle 3x3 Straight Bundle - 99-XX-107

Impact Bundle 3x4 Straight Bundle - 99-XX-108

Impact Bundle 3x5 Straight Bundle - 99-XX-109

Aero+ - code UB222


Modular cassette roller banner system, adjustable in height, width and re-positionable at different angles. Multiple configurations possible with additional banners.

Aero+ 1000mm Cassette - UB222-1000

Aero+ 1500mm Cassette - UB222-1500

Aero+ 2000mm Cassette - UB222-2000

Aero+ Post and Base - UB222-P

Aero+ Base Only - UB222-B

LED Exhibition Light Single - code LED-EXHIB-ARM-B

LED Exhibition Light Single

The LED Exhibition light is the latest in LED technology and design. Specifically designed to work in conjunction with THE Linear and Vector channel; this latest design requires no extra fitting, just plugin and switch on.

LED Exhibition Light - LED-EXHIB-ARM-B

LED Replacement Transformer - code LED-ARM-TRANS

LED Replacement Transformer

Replacement transformer, Suitable for the following range of lights only: LED strip light, LED Exhibitions light and LED Floodlight.

LED Transformer - LED-ARM-TRANS

LED Flood Light Single - code LED-FLOOD-ARM-B

LED Flood Light Single

The LED Flood Light is the new stylish and economical way to illuminate a range of exhibition stands including Pop-ups, Formulate and a range of modular systems.


LED Strip Light Single - code LED-STRIP-ARM-B

LED Strip Light Single

The LED Strip light has a unique wide head design feature, allowing for a wider spread of light, helping you illuminate more of your message. To add to this already unique feature the LED Strip light is still capable of producing up to 1200 lumens whilst still only consuming low energy levels.


LED Strip Light Double Kit - code LED-STRIP-ARM-BDLK

LED Strip Light Double Kit

The LED Strip light has a unique wide head design feature, allowing for a wider spread of light, helping you illuminate more of your message. To add to this already unique feature the LED Strip light is still capable of producing up to 1200 lumens whilst still only consuming low energy levels.


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