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Tornado - code PK410


Tornado is a versatile, weatherproof, brandable promotions counter with optional header for higher visibility. Base supports 1040mm (h) x 850mm (w) graphic

Tornado - PK410

Delta Lite - code UB205-850-004

Delta Lite

Elegant aluminium banner with chrome finished end covers that combines great design with stability whilst remaining lightweight.

Delta Lite 850mm Wide - UB205-850-004

Vortex Lite - code UB722-01

Vortex Lite

Vortex Lite Basics X Banner

Vortex Lite - UB722-01

Element Graphic - code G-RB

Element Graphic

Exclusive to Ultima Displays, the Element is the second in a series of new banners from the exclusive Vision range.  This new retractable banner has been designed to effectively carry any brand message whilst turning heads.  

Element 800mm Wide - UB146-800

Element 850mm Wide - UB146-850

Element 1000mm Wide - UB146-1000

Pegasus 3m Extension Kit - code UB167S-01

Pegasus 3m Extension Kit

The 3m Pegasus Extension Kit is the newest addition to the Pegasus family. The extension kit allows the connection of up to four Pegasus 3m backwalls, to create a configurable, impressive backwall solution.

UB167S-01 Pegasus 3m Extension Kit

Pioneer - code UB147


The most economical mid-range roller banner on the market. Moulded polymers provide a glossy white finish and modern high-end finished look.

Pioneer 800mm - UB147-800

Pioneer 850mm - UB147-850

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod - code MR9102T

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod

Reflecta graphic pod is a freestanding double sided graphic pod. Elegant looks and ease of assembly make it ideal for retail or display applications.  

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod - MR102T

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod - MR101T

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod - MR104T

Reflecta Trappa Graphic Pod - MR103T

Vortex - code UB722-C


A simple yet effective free standing tension banner. The Vortex frame is quick to assemble and graphics  are housed separately to the base unit, so are easy to change and refit. 

Vortex - UB722-C

Impact Hop-up - code HUI3X2

Impact Hop-up

A lightweight hop-up system that’s very quick and easy to set up offering a superb back drop to your display. Fabric fits smoothly across the frame work and stays in place once frame has been collapsed.

Impact Hop-up 3x1 - HUI3X1

Impact Hop-up 3x2 - HUI3X2

Impact Hop-up 3x3 - HUI3X3

Impact Hop-up 3x4 - HUI3X4

Impact Hop-up 3x5 - HUI3X5

Freestanding iPad Holder - code IPS-001-B

Freestanding iPad Holder

The Freestanding iPad holder is a smart sleek free standing iPad holder for use with either iPad 2 , 3, 4, Air and Air 2. The secure housing comes supplied with security screws and Allen key, and can be positioned portrait or landscape.

Freestanding iPad Holder Black - IPS-001-B

Freestanding iPad Holder White - IPS-001-W

Freestanding iPad Holder Silver - IPS-001-S

Merlin - code UB160


Interchangeable cassette with telescopic pole allows you to change graphics easily and quickly. Ability to store the old graphic in the cassette and re-use it later.

Merlin 850mm Wide - UB160-850-01

Counta - code PC607


Counta is an extremely cost-effective brandable demonstrator unit. Base supports 2120mm (h) x 820mm (w) graphic

Counta - PC607

Basic Curved Counter - code PK922/PK922-BLK

Basic Curved Counter

Stylish and functional counter – ideal for use on exhibitions stands and road shows.

Basic Curved Counter Beech Top - PK922

Basic Curved Counter Black Top - PK922-BLK

Curved Double D - code PK194

Curved Double D

Large ‘double D’ shaped counter with curved front edge, available in MDF Freestyle or Physique Pole graphic styles. 

Curved Double D Freestyle - PK194

Comma - code PK193


Strong and sturdy teardrop shaped counter available in MDF Freestyle.

Comma Freestyle - PK193

Liberty - code UB122


Strong and stylish full graphic banner with oval shaped end covers for a unique look.

Liberty 800mm - UB122-800-01

Liberty 850mm - UB122-850-01

Prism - code UB123


Strong and stylish oval shaped full graphic banner with self-adhesive rail and tensioner.

Prism 800mm - UB123-800-01

Prism 850mm - UB123-850-01

Exhibition Table Cloth - code G-TAB-3X2-DP

Exhibition Table Cloth

Stand out from your competitors and finish your exhibition display table with a printed table cloth.  Add your logo or artwork to your table cloth in any design using single or multiple colours with a choice of any colour back ground.

Exhibition Table Cloth G-TAB-3X2-DP

Liberty Mini - code UB122-400

Liberty Mini

Full graphic, compact, versatile and lightweight desktop roller banner. Height extendable from 1200mm to 1600mm when using the extension pole (not included). 

Liberty Mini 400mm - UB122-400

Acrylic Literature Holder - code AH311/AH316/AH317

Acrylic Literature Holder

Transparent acrylic literature holders are cleverly designed for both wall mounting and free-standing.

Acrylic Literature Holder DL - AH311

Acrylic Literature Holder A5 - AH316

Acrylic Literature Holder A4 - AH317

Linear Universal Clamp - code LN158

Linear Universal Clamp

The Universal Accessory Linear Bracket simply locks into a linear channel to provide a stable anchor with which to attach the Universal Accessories allowing for a literature, shelf or tablet bracket to be added.

Linear Universal Clamp - LN158

Quick Plus Curved Bundle - code 99-XX-017Q/102Q

Quick Plus Curved Bundle

The Quick+ Bundle is a fantastic package in top-class Pop-up stands. The bundle is comprised of the unique Zenith case, also included is the bright 150w PS950-1000 and the innovative Quick Plus.

3X2 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-016Q

3X3 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-017Q

3X4 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-020Q

3X5 Quick+ Curved Bundle - 99-XX-021Q

Imagine+ - code UB502C-850-01/1000-01


Imagine+ Cassette Roller Banner is the perfect use every day banner. Swapping the graphic cartridge is really fast and easy, simply remove and insert the cartridge through the base and pull up the banner.

Imagine+ 850 mm - UB502C-850-01

Imagine+ 1000 mm - UB502C-1000-01

Original+ - code UB322


Adjustable height premium roller banner in a variety of sizes up to three meters.Can be made in black or to custom sizes at an additional cost.

Original+ 800mm - UB322-800C1

Original+ 850mm - UB322-850C1

Original+ 1000mm - UB322-1000C1

Original+ 1200mm - UB322-1200C1

Original+ 1500mm - UB322-1500C1

Original+ 2000mm - UB322-2000C1

Original+ 2400mm - UB322-2400C1

Original+ 3000mm - UB322-3000C1

Physique Tube Lite - code PK119

Physique Tube Lite

Choose from six tabletop shapes and a voice of finishes. Suitable for PVC or 500 mic fabric wrap using a specially designed joining strip. Quick and easy to assemble.

PK119-E - Eclipse/ Double D Tops

PK119-R -Round, Propeller, Square or Pentagon.

PK119-EF - Hardware and Fabric Wrap

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