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A Sign Board - code VF204

A Sign Board

Double-sided snap frame suitable for A1 and A2 size posters

A Sign A1 - VF204-C

A Sign A2 - VF204-A2

A Sign B1 - VF203

A Sign B0 - VF203A

A Sign B2 - VF204-C-B2

Blizzard - code UB701


Blizzard outdoor banner stand is ideal for all kinds of corporate and sporting and outdoor events and promotions and point of sale. Its simple design makes it very easy to assemble on-site, and because it’s adjustable, it can accommodate different graphic sizes to suit your application.Variable width from 600 - 800mm

Blizzard - UB701

Bora Inflatable Column - code INFLCOL-220

Bora Inflatable Column

The Inflatable Column kit is part of our outdoor range and is a robust, flexible and eye-catching display perfect for any indoor or outdoor event. Get noticed in a crowd with the impressively tall 2.2m graphics. This is a fantastic product for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Bora Inflatable Column - INFLCOL-220

Circular Parasol Frame - code UU-C-01

Circular Parasol Frame

The Circular Parasol Frame (Graphic available separately) combines marketing with functionality, a great addition to any external event creating maximum impact delivering your brand message whilst sheltering you from the elements. Also available in a square shape.

Circular Parasol Frame - UU-C-01

Horizon - code UB203


The biggest graphic carrier in the range with a graphic area of up to 4.8m2 per side. The ideal promotional solution for outdoor events, advertisements and exhibitions. Variable width up to 2500mm

Horizon - UB203

Inflatable Tent Frame - code UI00801

Inflatable Tent Frame

The Inflatable Tent Frame is a sturdy and attractive option for outdoor displays - being a fantastic 'canvas' for visual advertisements whilst providing shelter from the elements.

Inflatable Tent Frame - UI00801

Monsoon - code UB707-C


A large format double-sided outdoor ‘A’ frame banner, made from lightweight aluminium, ideal for use with PVC eyelet banners. Variable width from 2000mm upwards

Monsoon 2500mm - UB707-C

Monsoon 3000mm - UB711-C

Shield - code UB108/UB109


Functional rigid sign board ideal for use outside shops, restaurants or bars - can be used indoor or outdoor.

Shield Curve - UB108

Shield Arched - UB109

Sign Board Lite - code VF205

Sign Board Lite

A simple yet sturdy A frame sign board, made from high impact polystyrene sheets which create a strong durable plastic frame with an internal hinged mechanism for easy open and closing. Graphics can be printed directly onto frame.

Sign Board Lite - VF205

Square Parasol Frame - code UU-S-01

Square Parasol Frame

The Square Parasol Frame (Graphic available separately) combines marketing with functionality, a great addition to any external event creating maximum impact delivering your brand message whilst sheltering you from the elements. Also available in a circular shape.

Square Parasol Frame - UU-S-01

Stowaway - code UB736


Stowaway is a great flexible display product that will make your message stand out from the crowd at any event either in-doors or out. Extremely portable and lightweight the design is based around sprung fibre-glass poles that require no assembly and pack away into a small carry bag.

Stowaway 2000 x 1000 UB736-01

Stowaway 1700 x 850 UB736-02

Stowaway 1400 x 700 UB736-03

Thunder - code UB185-850


The only double-sided retractable outdoor banner. Thunder is the ideal roller banner for outdoor use being strong and durable yet very easy to assemble and transport. At 2m high Thunder will display your message on both sides for maximum viewing impact. 

Thunder 850 Wide - UB185-850

Wall Monsoon - code UB712

Wall Monsoon

Trusted and traditional banner that is now available in wall mounted format, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Easy to fit graphic can be changed regularly to suit your needs.

Wall Monsoon 1250mm x 1250mm - UB712

Wall Monsoon 2000mm(w) x 1000mm(h) - UB713

Wall Monsoon 3000mm(w) x 1250mm(h) - UB714

Whirlwind - code UB207


A heavy-duty outdoor swing sign that is ideal for pavement advertising and retail promotions. Supports A1, A0, B1 and B2 sized posters.

Whirlwind-A1 Base Only - UB207-B

Whirlwind-A1 Frame Only - UB207-F

Whirlwind-A0 Base Only - UB207-A0-B

Whirlwind-A0 Frame Only - UB207-A0-F

Whirlwind-B1 Base Only - UB207-B1-B

Whirlwind-B1 Frame Only - UB207-B1-F

Whirlwind-B2 Base Only - UB207-B2-B

Whirlwind-B2 Frame Only - UB207-B2-F

Zoom Tent - code ZT33-XAF/ZT36-XAF/ZT345-XAF/ZT22-XAF

Zoom Tent

There’s plenty of room to shelter from the sun or rain underneath the 3x3 Zoom Tent.  Made from lightweight aluminium, the Zoom tent is very easy to assemble and packs back down into a strong and sturdy wheeled bag.

Zoom Tent 3x3 frame only - ZT33-XAF

Zoom Tent 3x6 frame only - ZT36-XAF

Zoom Tent 3x4.5 frame only - ZT345-XAF

Zoom Tent 2x2 frame only - ZT22-XAF

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