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Hardware > Counters > Pop-up Counters

Embrace+ Counter - code EMB-PL-CNTR-LED

Embrace+ Counter

Double-sided collapsible counter with aluminium frame for dressing with visual textile. Backlit graphics boost your brand messaging.

Embrace+ Counter - EMB-PL-CNTR-LED

Hop-up Counta - code HU301-001-C

Hop-up Counta

A durable light-weight hop-up counter, quick and easy to assemble with a single wrap around fabric graphic. Perfect to welcome your guests 

Hop-up Counta - HU301-001-C

Pop up Counta - code PUC

Pop up Counta

A convenient lightweight pop-up counter that offers a substantial area to welcome your guests yet packs down for easy transportation in wheeled trolley case.

2x2 Pop up Counta - PUC22C-C

2x1 Pop up Counta - PUC21C-C

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