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Graphics > Roller Banners

Original Banner 2 Graphic - code G-RB

Original Banner 2 Graphic

Previously known as the Barracuda original style banner, the Original Banner 2 is a very popular, strong but stylish banner, ideal for simple displays or exhibitions.

600mm wide

800mm wide

1000mm wide

1200mm wide

1500mm wide

2000mm wide

Excailber Graphic - code G-RB

Excailber Graphic

A popular and versatile banner, ideal for exhibition or showroom graphic display.Can be purchased single or double-sided

Excliber 1 800mm

Excliber 1 1000mm

Pacific Graphic - code G-RB

Pacific Graphic

A quality lightweight roller banner with slim base and bungee pole making it very compact, complete with a twist out foot for extra stability.

Pacific 1000mm wide

Breeze Graphic - code G-BRE

Breeze Graphic

Ideal as a desktop promoter or as a promotional giveaway. Sizes available: A4 & A3

Breeze A3

Breeze A4

Aero+ Graphic - code G-AER

Aero+ Graphic

Aero+ is a smart and extremely versatile modular roller display system.

Aero+ 1000mm wide

Aero+ 1500mm wide

Aero+ 2000mm wide

Mosquito Graphic - code G-RB

Mosquito Graphic

Mosquito Roller Banner from the Basics economy range. Available in 5 different widths: 800, 850, 1000, 1200, 1500mm

Mosquito 800mm wide

Mosquito 850mm wide

Mosquito 1000mm wide

Mosquito 1200mm wide

Mosquito 1500mm wide

Mosquito 2000mm wide

Revolution Graphic - code G-RB

Revolution Graphic

Revolution is a new premium retractable banner stand which is modern, sleek and elegantly designed to carry any brand message. Made from high precision moulded polymers, the unique streamlined styling creates the illusion that the base floats off the ground.

Revolution 850mm - UB161-850

Element Graphic - code G-RB

Element Graphic

Exclusive to Ultima Displays, the Element is the second in a series of new banners from the exclusive Vision range.  This new retractable banner has been designed to effectively carry any brand message whilst turning heads.  

Element 800mm Wide - UB146-800

Element 850mm Wide - UB146-850

Element 1000mm Wide - UB146-1000

Pioneer Graphic - code G-RB

Pioneer Graphic

Pioneer is a new retractable banner stand which is modern, sleek and elegantly designed to carry any brand message. Made from high precision moulded polymers, the base is finished with a high shine white gloss.

Pioneer 800mm - UB147-800

Pioneer 850mm - UB147-850

Pioneer 1000mm - UB147-1000

Mantis Graphic - code G-RB-60-MB

Mantis Graphic

Mantis is the newest addition to the Basics range, a budget roller banner with a twist. The Mantis provides the option of either a self-adhesive OR snap rail with end caps and is available in four widths. 

600mm - UB216-600 - 1685/2085 x 620 x 280 mm

800mm - UB216-800 - 2085 x 820 x 280 mm

850mm - UB216-850 - 2085 x 870 x 280 mm

1000mm - UB216-1000 - 2085 x 1020 x 280 mm

Orient+ Graphic - code G-RB

Orient+ Graphic

Sleek new-look shape with some additional new features.

Orient+ 800mm wide

Orient+ 850mm wide

Orient+ 1000mm wide

Orient+ 1200mm wide

Orient+ 1500mm wide

Orient+ 2000mm wide

Liberty Graphic - code G-RB

Liberty Graphic

Modern designed sleek roller banner with snap rail. Twin feet complete with bag.  

Liberty 800mm - UB122-800

Liberty 850mm - UB122-850

Prism Graphic - code G-RB

Prism Graphic

Modern designed sleek roller banner with a self adhesive rail. Twin feet complete with bag.

Prism 800mm - UB123-800

Prism 850mm - UB123-850

Edge 2 Graphic - code G-RB

Edge 2 Graphic

Smart double-sided Edge 2 is designed to impress. With chrome end caps and a standard graphic height of 2000mm, Edge 2 is a durable display with big impact.

Edge 2 850mm - UB200-850

Edge 2 1000mm - UB200-1000

Delta Plus Graphic - code G-RB

Delta Plus Graphic

Sleek and stylish, Delta+ promotes itself with its executive design.

Delta Plus 1000mm - UB250-1000

Dragonfly 2 Graphic - code G-RB

Dragonfly 2 Graphic

Dragonfly 2 is a double-sided basic banner that is versatile for it can also be employed as a single sided banner stand.

Dragonfly 2 850mm - UB199-850-01

Dragonfly 2 1000mm - UB199-1000-01

Barracuda Graphic - code G-RB

Barracuda Graphic

A very popular, strong and stylish design, proven as a reliable banner for regular use. Ideal for simple displays or exhibitions.

Barracuda 800mm - WH321C-800A3

Barracuda 1000mm - WH321C-1000A3

Barracuda 1200mm - WH321C-1200A3

Barracuda 1500mm - WH321C-1500A3

Barracuda 2000mm - WH321C-2000A3

Liberty Mini Graphic - code G-LIB

Liberty Mini Graphic

Liberty Mini is a versatile banner that is suited for both desktop and floor use. This slender banner is an attractive and stylish product and ideal for making a statement when space is at a premium.

Liberty Mini - UB122-400

Original Plus Graphic - code G-RB

Original Plus Graphic

Original+ is a good all round banner, perfect for everyday use. Graphics can be quickly and easily changed with a slider in both the universal rail and the graphic leader. Set the graphic height with the hybrid telescopic pole and utilise the two adjustable feet to ensure that the banner is always level.

Original Plus 800mm - UB322-800C1

Original Plus 850mm - UB322-850C1

Original Plus 1000mm - UB322-1000C1

Original Plus 1200mm - UB322-1200C1

Original Plus 1500mm - UB322-1500C1

Original Plus 2000mm - UB322-2000C1

Original Plus 2400mm - UB322-2400C1

Original Plus 3000mm - UB322-3000C1

Imagine+ Graphic - code G-RB

Imagine+ Graphic

Imagine+ Cassette Roller Banner is the perfect use every day banner. Swapping the graphic cartridge is really fast and easy, simply remove and insert the cartridge through the base and pull up the banner.

Imagine Plus 850 mm - UB502C-850A3

Imagine Plus 1000 mm - UB502C-1000A3

Grasshopper Graphic - code G-RB

Grasshopper Graphic

Grasshopper Roller Banner from the Basics economy range. Available in 800mm and 850mm widths.

Grasshopper 800mm Wide

Grasshopper 850mm wide

Grasshopper 1000mm wide

Grasshopper 1200mm wide

Grasshopper 1500mm wide

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