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Telescopic Sanitiser Station



The standalone multi-height Telescopic Sanitising Station has an auto sensor so no contact is needed when maintaining safe hygiene. The sanitiser unit affixes to a sturdy metal back plate to keep it in position and comes complete with a drip tray to maintain cleanliness and ensure there's no mess. Being telescopic, the height of the unit can be deployed at different levels so is perfect for adults as well wheelchair users. It's also lightweight so easy to manoeuvre into location.


This highly portable indoor sanitising station can also be attached to a 1500mm wide reconfigurable banner system to communicate your social guidance messaging. With the ability to link additional stations you can create multiple configurations which are re-positionable at different angles - perfect for creating social distancing information signage, barriers or as a wayfinding system.


Ideal for use in airports, manufacturing facilities, office areas, showrooms, exhibitions and events.



Auto sensor on unit with illumination to guide sanitiser dispensing 

Telescopic pole allows for sanitiser to be positioned at multiple different heights for ease of use for adults and wheelchair users

Lightweight and quick to deploy

Fold-out feet for ease of transportation

Telescopic Sanitiser Station



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