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Ultima Displays is an integral part of the P3 Group, which was founded over 45 years ago. The group is now market leader in the North American market. Ultima Displays was established in the United Kingdom in 1999, offering a complete range of portable and foldable solutions to the European market.


Today, Ultima Displays set-up local operations across Europe, these were established in France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Portugal. The location of each of these manufacturing and warehouse operations assured our ability to service our extensive network of distributors locally, providing them with innovative and competitive solutions, when and where they needed them.


The Ultima Displays brand quickly became the European leader in the visual communication market, with a unique range of products and services.


Ultima aims to deliver a comprehensive range of quality, innovative and trusted visual communication display solutions, whilst supporting our partners and dealers with expert advice, Marketing tools and quality products.


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