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Xclaim is a simple lightweight collapsible pop up frame capable of holding multiple configurations of different graphic shapes to make your display stand out from the crowd. Available in a range of different shapes and sizes with multiple graphic options that remain in place when the frame is collapsed allowing you to set up the stand in under 30 seconds. Simple, lightweight & attractive.


·       Lightweight collapsible frame

·       Magnetic locking arms

·       Simple push fit graphics

·       Multiple shapes & sizes available

·       Padded carry bag

·       Optional lights can be added to some frames




Choose from available hardware variants


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Code                      Box dims                    Weight  

XCLM-2X2-K1-PS 580 X 170 X 170mm   2.8kgs   

XCLM-3QP            860 x 245 x 210mm    3.32kgs  

XCLM-3X1             860 x 250 x 200mm    3.32kgs 

XCLM-3X2             870 x 270 x 200mm    4.7kgs 

XCLM-3X3             870 x 260 x 250mm    6.26kgs 

XCLM-3X4             870 x 320 x 320mm    7.92kgs 

XCLM-6QP            900 x 280 x 200mm    5.06kgs 

XCLM-10QP          865 x 320 x 315mm    7.34kgs

*Please test your substrate suitability before use


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