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Print Finishing

Printing is only part of our solution – a critical element of working with fabrics is the ability to competently finish the graphics.

We have one of the largest finishing teams in the industry, offering substantial capacity and experience to deliver even the most complex of shapes and requirements, as well as high volume projects and more technical custom-bespoke items.

Our finishing team are experienced in both machine and craft-based manufacturing and are skilled in finishing and fitting our full range of textile graphics as well as working with the product development team on fine tuning new graphic and textile products.


Whether they’re sewing silicone gaskets, making a tension graphic for a Modulate Frame or creating gorgeous fabric structures that attract the eye and engage the viewer, the team are skilled in their craft and can adapt to whatever their working on.


The finishing facility is comprehensive and well equipped; with provision for laser cutting, industrial sewing machines, over lockers, super-size cutting tables, quality inspection and pre-build areas.

Everything we produce is tested before leaving the factory, providing the reassurance that they left us in pristine condition and are fit for purpose.

Our finishing team plays a key role in completing the print process which, in turn, is essential to ensure that we consistently deliver the high level of service that our customers expect.

Would you like to place an order that requires custom bespoke print-finishing?

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