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Printing Services

Printing Services
Printing Services

We print more than 10,000m² every day

We operate a full-service trade printing and finishing facility to support our network of partners from our Corby site. Keeping pace and remaining relevant in the world of visual communications drives our continuous investments in developing new products and manufacturing techniques’, including the purchase of state-of-the-art dye sub printers, roll-to-roll calendars and sewing machines.

We have extensive dye-sublimation and UV printing capabilities, and have the capacity of printing more than 10,000m2 every day. This service is backed up with production artwork proofing, industry leading colour management and profiling, and comprehensive quality assurance programmes to ensure that everything we print is correct first time.


Our facility is setup not only to print, but also to provide a finishing service. We have one of the largest Finishing Teams in the business offering substantial capacity and the experience to deliver even the most complex of shapes and requirements, as well as high volume projects. Whether it is SEG (Tension Fabric System), flags, custom fabric shapes, exhibition stands or promotional items like cushions or duffle bags - our in-house finishers can handle it!


We also have dedicated Artwork and Printer Teams who work with our UV based printed products such as banners, roller banners and portable display systems. As an OEM and one of the largest suppliers of visual communication hardware, our capacity and flexibility to turn around large orders is unrivalled in the trade and we are the ‘go to’ solution for thousands of customers.

Specialist Print Media

Specialist Print Media

Extensive tests are carried out to ensure the media and textiles we use delivers the highest-quality finish.


Prior to introducing a new media to our range, we carry out extensive profiling and colour vibrancy tests to ensure we deliver an optimal solution for every display media in our range. Key to these tests are excellent colour reproduction, and where possible ensuring the media is resistant to scratches and abrasions whilst still offering different finishes and diffusions. But we don’t stand still, we continue to introduce new products including environmentally friendly media to improve on our green credentials.

Graphics Service

Graphic Services

Graphics Templates


Graphic templates are available for every product in our standard product range. We have invested heavily in new print technology to offer you the best quality finish for your display products and we see the development of graphic templates as fundamental in ensuring your artwork passes through our printing and finishing processes with minimal intervention for speed and improved efficiency.

It’s easy to supply artwork using our templates, as each template clearly indicates the bleed, trim and safe areas for artwork so you can have confidence that artwork will print correctly.

All our templates are unbranded and have been designed to be customer facing. Download our easy to follow product template guide. 

Our graphic templates contain:


One Artboard

All instructions are now on one artboard for simplicity


Numbered Checklist

Guides you to creating perfect print ready artwork

Labelled Layers

Clearly indicate the areas to place your artwork within





Industry leading colour management and profiling


In order to ensure that the artwork you send us prints correctly we colour manage in two stages; at pre-press and also during the printing process.

Pre-press colour management is set up in our product templates using the output intent standard Fogra 39 ISO 12647-2:2004 profile and when you save your PDF as instructed on our templates this will be the profile our printer RIP uses to interpret your print from.

During the print process we control colour management by setting our output profiles using Barbieri intelligent colour measurement systems which ensure the highest image quality for professional digital printing. Measurements are then used by our Caldera RIP’s to create ICC profiles. Every profile is monitored weekly using a separate Barbieri tool for process control know as DOC (Digital Output Control) which compares the actual print with a pre-set reference and gives immediate feedback if colour values are within tolerance - without a computer, directly at the large format printer.

Artwork Approvals Process

Artwork Approvals Process



After you have uploaded your artwork, your print ready pdf will be directed into our pre-flight software for checking, this automatically generates a pass/fail e-mail and if your artwork is correct, you will usually receive an approval e-mail two hours after that. If your artwork fails pre-flight, you will be sent details of the error code. To understand what this code means and what you need to do to fix it, we have created a table that explains what you need to do to resolve the issue.

What happens if my artwork fails?

If your artwork fails the Pre-flight check you have two options going forward, check the error code or codes against the table and correct the errors on your artwork, this is the fastest solution for getting artwork printed. If this isn’t possible and you require assistance then your artwork will be entered into the queue to be scheduled for live correction, this however is a slower route to print than correcting yourself and resending again for a secondary pre-flight check and may have an impact on the delivery date. 

Artwork Approval


If you have set your artwork up correctly and sent a print ready PDF as directed by the instruction steps on the graphic template then your artwork should pass the Pre-flight check and within two hours you will receive an email with a link to your a proof that will require you to check your proof and sign off so we can proceed to print production.

Quality assurance


All our graphics are tested before leaving the factory, providing the reassurance that they are manufactured to our highest standards and fit for purpose. 

Every product is photographed as a record of the quality check before despatch. We use various applications for monitoring our standards of quality. Photographs can also be supplied on request for your peace of mind.

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